You will create your portfolio with several required elements, and

You will create your portfolio with several required elements, and also four elements of your choice. The required elements are described with each assignment. The elements of choice are described here. Choose four from the list. Feel free to propose other elements that are not on the list. Get approval from your teacher before you create elements not on the list. 



Character Profile

Plot Synopsis

Answers of the Discussion Questions

Submissions of Choice:

  • Write a letter to a character: What do you want to say to this character? What would be good for them to know about other characters, or about your own experience getting to know them?
  • Write a letter to the author: Tell the author what you think of their creation. Give your opinion about how the book could be better, what you liked the best, your favorite parts, etc.
  • Create a map of the book: show the neighborhood, home, etc. including information about events that happened in each place.
  • Write chapter summaries: give one paragraph summaries of each chapter in the book
  • Vocabulary: Give a list of 20 vocabulary words. For each word, include the part of speech, the definition, include the sentence in the book containing the word with page  number, and give an original sentence (your own) including the word.
  • Draw a scene from the book, and give a written description of the scene.
  • Create a page of links (7 to 10) to websites that are somehow related to the book. Explain the relationship for each link.
  • Watch a movie that was made from the book. Write one or two paragraphs about the movie and how it is similar to and different from the book.
  • Create a web page publicizing the book. Include the title, author, some related pictures, a brief summary of the book (in your own words), and anything else that you think will help readers be interested.
  • Write a poem about the book.
  • Research the author and write a one-page biography. Be sure to cite your sources Try to go beyond the publisher’s generic description of the author’s writing history.
  • Create and enact a scene from the book, and video it.
  • Make a Slides presentation about the book including general information, the best part, main characters, etc. Present the slideshow using Screencastify.
  • Create a storyboard for a movie from the book. Include at least six panels.
  • Record yourself reading a favorite passage from the book. Use Screencastify; introduce yourself, the title of the novel, why you like this passage, and then read. Your passage should be about a page. 

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