– You are being contracted as a financial consultant for

– You are being contracted as a financial consultant for a local  UNICEF organization . Your goal is to review the organizations financial statements and analyze their financial position from those statements. Using the tools and theories from this course, you will provide the organization with a sustainability plan for the next two years on ways that they may increase profits. Consider their debt management using ratios learned in the course, to give at least two areas of opportunity you see that could increase their profits. ,

– Most non-profits are required to show their financial statements on their website. Or you may contact them directly and ask them for a recent copy 

– response should be a minimum of   4-5 pages . The font is Times New Roman, font size should be 12, and the paragraphs are single-spaced. There should be a minimum of one reference supporting your observations. Citations are to follow APA 7.0. double space.

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