Will be verified by turn it in For this assignment,

Will be verified by turn it in 

For this assignment, you will create a Creativity Assessment Tool you can use to informally assess the creativity of the students in your setting. Follow the steps below:

  1. Research instruments that are available for assessing creativity in students to find out information assessment categories, types of questions, what is measured, etc.
  2. Provide the definition of creativity that applies to your setting, students, gifted program, etc. Include research support and use in-text citations. 
  3. Write your Creativity Assessment Tool questions. You determine the number of questions based on what you are assessing and your students’ abilities.
    1. Include biographical information questions.
    2. Include test questions to assess creativity.
  4. Provide a brief discussion about why your selection of questions and how they are aligned to your students. Include research support and use in-text citations. 
  5. Explain the test’s relationship to your creativity definition. Include research support and use in-text citations. 

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