What are three main points Greg makes in this video From my understandings Greg points out that when hes in

What are three main points Greg makes in this video?
From my understandings, Greg points out that when hes in jail he felt the same way he was treated when he was attending the residential school, fear and intimidation were used with purpose and intentionality. He described how by the age of 7 his only choices were to fight or run away, he suffered from beatings and rape which he asked for help but no one ever reached out. Overall, he felt dysfunctional because he have records from jail records and abuses such as alcohol, drug and sexual. What connects him to the real world and himself is relationship. He mentioned in the video how he felt connected to this woman by just holding her hands although he was only 7, and she was the only one that was always there for him, and taught him how to drink. In part 2, recovery and reclamation, he says that his parents abandoned him at some point in life because they suffered from the residential schools, his mom abandoned him in the school although be begged not to go, and his dad often beats him up because he didnt behave well. And one of the experiences that their parents gained from residential schools, is to reject culture, which Greg never got to experience till the very end, when he met the Elders and they let him experienced it. Greg felt welcomed and felt that he was being part of the group such as when he was trying out the drum.
How would you apply this knowledge to your future career?
I would apply this kind of knowledge by making sure that my clients feels safe in their own circle, where they could talk about everything. Greg experienced ignorance, inequality and abuse which caused him to have a very different view of the world at such a young age, in order to apply this kind of knowledge I would gladly have a circle to talk about things that have occurred in our life every once a week or twice a week. If people reached out like the woman did to Greg, he wouldnt have felt scared to survive by the age of 17, and constant fightings with full of rage.

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