Week 1 ProjectAssignment Due March 30 at 12:59 AM Course

 Week 1 ProjectAssignment Task: Submit to complete this assignment Due March 30 at 12:59 AM

Course Project

This course has a project that will encompass Weeks 1 through 5. You will keep your information from each week for a summary report in Week 5.

Select a publically traded company. Go to the company’s Web site. Try one that you are familiar with—you shop at their store, eat at their restaurants, or wear their clothes.  On their Web site, try to find their annual financial report. Sometimes, these are found under “Investor Relations”.


  • For the company, you selected, analyze your company’s operations and the market in which it operates.
  • Evaluate the EVA, and free cash flow using the firm’s annual report.
  • Analyze the firm’s ROA and ROE.  Explain the difference between the two measures.

 Submission Details:

  • Submit a 3-4 page Microsoft Word document, using APA style.

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