Using the same organization that you chose in Week One

 Using the same organization that you chose in Week One (Amazon), document at least three issues related to diversity that you identified within existing corporate policies, such as human resource policies, code of ethics, harassment, proprietary information, conflicts of interest, etc. 

Particular emphasis should be placed on codes of conduct, cultural diversity, functional diversity, human rights issues, etc. Assess the alignment of the organizational statements with these corporate policies. 

Make recommendations of how you would change these policies to create better alignment with the organizational mission, vision, and values statements. Support your conclusions using the Kleason (2007) article and the Pomeranz (2009) article as two of your sources. 

The body of the  should be 4-6 pages, in APA format. 

Mandatory References:

 Kleasen, K. (2007 Summer). Building human resources strategic planning, process and measurement capability: Using Six Sigma as a foundation. Organization Development Journal, Chesterland, 25(2), P37-P41. (ProQuest Document ID: 1266206771). 

 Pomeranz, R. (2009). The evolution of human resources directors’ responsibilities. The CPA Journal, 79(7), 12-13. (ProQuest Document ID: 1796592741). 

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