Using Blood Typing Experiment from this semester to generate a

Using Blood Typing Experiment from this semester to generate a hypothetical set of the data that confirms the doctor’s diagnosis of the patient.

A female has had three miscarriages thus far. Her first pregnancy was successful.

Doctor’s diagnosis: Hemolytic disease of the newborn

Samples available to you: whole blood from mom, dad, and first child Healthy individual (control) sample available to you: Whole blood

Immunology Lab Report Rubric

  1. Title of your Report (case study reworded in your own words) with your name written underneath it
  2. Abstract: Must include brief statements on your purpose, background, methods, result data, and discussion (one sentence on what in your data confirms doctor’s diagnosis?)
  3. Background and Introduction: How will your immunological diagnostic tool(s) help you delineate the proper diagnosis for the patient? A bit on the disease you are confirming and a bit on the immunological tools and procedures used to confirm the disease.
  4. Materials:

a. In a numbered (or bulleted) format list your materials

  1. Methods:
    1. In a numbered (or bulleted) format describe your methods in complete sentences. What rea the procedures for conducting your experiment on the patient’s sample(s).
    2. Analysis. How will you analyze your data? What are you measuring and then analyzing? What are some of the dependent and independent parameters (variables)?
  2. Result: Generate a few hypothetical results and list them in a table, figure, and, or picture. Each table/figure/picture must have legend title.
  3. Discussion: Describe what you learned from the “hypothetical” results and how the results confirm the doctor’s diagnosis. What alternative conclusions can you draw from the results?
  4. References

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