Topic 3 DQ 2 Culture, ethnicity, and acculturation are concepts


Topic 3 DQ 2

Culture, ethnicity, and acculturation are concepts that influence most human beings’ activities in the world. Human beings originate from different countries and origins; thus, human beings have different values, beliefs, social forms, and attitudes. Sharing common beliefs, values, virtues, and social forms among a group of people amounts to a culture (Miyawaki, 2015). For instance, a firm can have a culture that describes how it does its activities and determines the workers’ behavior in the business world. The healthcare culture also affects the provision of healthcare among communities, such that some communities believe in traditional medication. Unlike culture, ethnicity is always negative and identifies with specific groups of people because you share the same values, beliefs, and social values. Thus, in general, ethnicity is the cause of hatred, discrimination, and prejudice among human beings in all sectors of life, such as health, education, and governance.

Despite ethnicity, acculturation is the antidote to the negative feeling and prejudice among human beings who do not share cultures, beliefs, and origins. Due to globalization and migration, an individual who moves into a new environment learns and adopts the new common culture (Ward, 2020). For instance, in the U.S, individuals from different countries and cultures develop and acquire the cultures of the white people in the country. The concept of culture significantly affects the provision of quality and patient-centered care due to the disparity in beliefs and values, leading to bias, implicit bias, and stereotypes (FitzGerald & Hurst, 2017). Nonetheless, an excellent nurse to practice cultural competency to ensure that culture does not play any role during care provision.

Compare and contrast culture, ethnicity, and acculturation. 

Using 200-300 words APA format with at least two references. Sources must be published within the last 5 years 

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