Today’s Assignment: Open a new Word document and name it:

Today’s Assignment:

  1. Open a new Word document and name it: LastFirst_Week4Homework.  (For example: SanFilippoDawn_Week4Homework)
  2. Set the margins as follow:  Top and bottom .75; left and right 1.0
  3. Use an APA accepted font (these were listed in lecture on Tuesday) and correct font size (12 pts.)
  4. Create Cover Page, including:
    1. Name of Paper (you can put anything for now).
    2. Your name
    3. The class name:  CPS 1032 Microcomputer Applications
    4. My name:   Dawn R. SanFilippo, JD, EdM
    5. Date

The information above needs to be centered from right to left on the page, lowered down toward the center of the page.   This can be done by eye.  

  1. Heading Levels: The final paper will need several sections, including an Introduction, a Body and a Conclusion.   You do not need to use these exact headings, but for the purpose of today’s exercise, include an Introduction Section, a  Second Section with two subsections, and a Conclusion.

Reference: My example shows the APA style for the first four levels of headings.  

  1. Put something in color!
  2. Add a bulleted or numbered list.  The list does not have to say anything, it just needs to be there. 
  3. Insert a Picture.
  4. Insert a Footer.  You can put anything you wish to put in the footer, such as page numbers, file path and name of document etc.   

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