This week, you are reading some giants of philosophy, including


This week, you are reading some giants of philosophy, including Kierkegaard, Marx, James, et al. Please read all directions below as they are slightly different from other discussions.  

Individualism was not always a practice or concept in history and ideas.  America is very meshed in the idea, and it is often equated to the concept of freedom.  Many philosophers like Nietzsche celebrate the idea, but it is not the only philosophical notion about our human nature.  Marx and Engle, for example, saw capitalism as an individualistic (on the part of the factory owners) idea that is destructive to those laborers at the mercy of the owners.  So, how do you balance life with the other and with your own individualism?

Instead of a guided set of questions this week, I want you to write your own questions based on the philosophies you encountered this week. 

1. Make clear which philosopher(s) you want your classmate(s) to focus on by making it the subject line of your initial post. Add other info to the subject line if you wish. 

2. Ask your classmates 2-3 substantive questions about the readings: not just basic facts that anyone could find on Google but ask at least one question that requires application of material.  

Things to get you thinking:

What makes you, you?

What makes another person different from you?

Do you naturally identify with the individual or the collective?

Is there any universal sameness?

Is there any universal difference?

What problems do diversity give us?

Do you celebrate diversity?

For Full pts, did you:

  • show analysis of the given questions or issue?
  • include pertinent information from text or outside reading?
  • write with unity and coherence?
  • include a personal voice and personal insight about the issue at hand?
  • answer all questions asked? 
  • meet your word count?

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