This presentation builds on what you learned from your Chapter

 This presentation builds on what you learned from your Chapter 3 assignment about careers. You  will research information about your careers’ salary, education level,  duties, ethical issues,and emerging technologies. You want to find out  what a person in each career does but you also need to investigate  criteria for each career that we will use for evaluation. Your presentation topics: 

  1. A brief description of 3 technology careers in the technology field.
  2. Describe  each career in detail including salary (based in MD, VA, and DC  geographical area), education level or certification needed, and  duties. 
  3. What  emerging technology (within the past 5 years) is used in the industry  (for the 3 careers you chose) to improve production or work flow. 
  4. What are the ethical issues professionals face in each career.
  5. Include 4 different references. 

Before you began constructing your presentation do the following: 

You will be able to complete the PowerPoint presentation with the student resources provided. Your presentation must include: 

  1. Themes 
  2. Transitions  
  3. Pictures  
  4. Animation  
  5. Audio – Audio should enhance the purpose of your presentation. Do not just add random music or read your slides. 
  6. Video (convert the PowerPoint into a video)   

You  are required to follow Guy Kawasaki’s 10 20 30 rule. This rule is you  should have no more than 10 slides, you should not talk for more than 20  minutes and you should not use a font size that is less than 30 points.  Look Guy up and see what his background is. Check out his web page. He  explains the rule nicely in this short video: 

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