This is your opportunity to Critically review relationships and treaties

 This is your opportunity to Critically review relationships and treaties between the U.S. government (Minnesota) and the Dakota & Ojibwe nations.

You will be using as your primary source of information. You can see some background information as well as read the treaties themselves. Once you have selected one that interests you, write a Critical Thinking assignment that addresses the following questions (remember, this is a three-part writing assignment that includes an introduction, body paragraphs about specific topics and a conclusion that wraps it all together). Each of the treating sites has drill downlinks for additional information that you may need for additional supporting evidence.

Required elements:

  • Name of the treaty you are writing about (Intro paragraph with your roadmap of where you will be guiding me in the assignment)
  • A summary of the treaty (the issues that the treaty is meant to address) (Main Body)
  • Any controversy surrounding the treaty (conflicts of interest by either side or both – think about family ties/relationships) (Main Body)
  • An overview of how well the treaty has been honored (Main Body)
  • Assessment (do you think that the terms of the treaty are fair? Why/Why not?) (Conclusion, use supporting evidence to strengthen your reasoning) 


  • Links within the website are important to your analysis and Critical Thinking/Evidence-Based Claims response.
  • This is a Critical Thinking/Evidence-Based Claims assignment
  • Proper Citations are required.
  • Using Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling checker is always beneficial.

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