this is due in 7 hours Use the attachment to

this is due in 7 hours 

Use the attachment to complete the following: 

Must inlclude 2 quotes from the chapters in the answer 

 In  chapter 12 there are the stories of 6 different families that are experiencing both stresses and successes in their family life.   Please choose two of the six families and use their stories along with your own experiences to answer EACH of the following questions for EACH family

1. What are each family’s challenges and successes?

2. How does the experience of the families you chose to read about compare to your experiences growing up or within your family now?

3. Referring to the chapter and resources what have you discovered about stress and resiliency that could support these families or families experiencing some of the same issues? 

4. From Chapter 13- what would you want each of these families to know about ECE programs for their children and why?

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