This is an elaboration on instructions to complete this project which is aforementioned on pages 2 4. As an overview

This is an elaboration on instructions to complete this project which is aforementioned on pages 2 & 4. As an overview the project is designed to be a goal preparing you for a career. Therefore, all aspects of this project are to be written in a futuristic sense. For example your resume might be dated 01 /20/ 2025 and outline your projected academic and professional background. Your cover letter would explain how your education and experience make you a desirable candidate for the position or objective desired in your resume. Thus, it would also be dated in the future. The first section of the project (Career Research ) will require a minimum of 2 pages double spaced with statistics, analysis, insights, alleducational requirements, projected employment trends and other pertinent information
(550 words ) in your chosen career field. For example, if your career field is teaching, you might address educational requirements, pros and cons, salary, areas of need, what a typical day entails, future trends, etc. A particularly good website for this information as listed in the above mentioned library guide on pg. 4 is a government website in the MDC data bank “ Occupational Handbook”. This Career Researchsection should include at least 2 sources. The second section of the project will require a cover letter. A cover letter is a personal letter aimed at separating you from your competition by highlighting your personal qualities that make you a great candidate for the job. For example your life long passion for nursing or teaching. Your personal qualities such as passion,work ethic, integrity, honesty, perseverance. The letter should be about of a third of a page and unlike the resume which is factual, this is more about your personal qualities and aspirations. Address it to the hiring person and close thanking the person in some capacity for their consideration. Manners are very important. This section as well all the sections are addressed with examples and considerable information at
“ Careers section”, ( Prof. Brian Scanlon/SLS 1106 First Year Experience Seminar ). The third section of the project will be the resume. It would be your updated resume based upon your future goals and what you expect to accomplish down the road. It should have an aim or objective, education, experience, community service and references. Again this can be hypothetical based upon what you expect to accomplish in the next 5 years.
Resumes generally are about 1 page. The final section of this project is Job Interview preparation. Please submit 10 questions and 10 answers in preparation for a job interview in your chosen field. Five of the questions should relate to your professional and technical knowledge in your field and the other 5 would more address personality or character based questions. The answers are expected to be at least 2 full sentences in length. Thus, this section might be up to 2 pages of work, but at least a full page. To reiterate, this is a goal orientated futuristic project and should be completed in that fashion. Please submit this project on time and preferably in a word document.

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