This Assignment requires that you incorporate qualitative techniques of analysis

This Assignment requires that you incorporate qualitative techniques of analysis into your evaluation design for your Final Project. Keep in mind that some qualitative techniques may supplement your quantitative analysis more appropriately than others. Your evaluation budget may also be a major constraint and you may not have the resources to conduct an extended ethnographic, phenomenological, or hermeneutic study to supplement your evaluation. Content analysis, case studies, and focus groups may be a more viable option. Let your evaluation questions be your guide in making these decisions.

For this Assignment, review this week’s Learning Resources and examine qualitative techniques of analysis in program evaluation design.

Assignment: A 2-page paper that addresses the following:

  • Explain how you would use qualitative or mixed methods data analysis within your overall design (How Female Juvenile Offenders are impacted but the criminal Justice system.)
  • Explain how you would use these methods to enrich and explain anticipated findings from your evaluation design.

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