This assignment provides you with an opportunity to explore homeland

 This assignment provides you with an opportunity to explore homeland security, incident response, and policies and laws. 

Background: You are a senior official with the Department of Homeland Security, another federal agency, a state agency,  or a local agency. You have been asked to research and evaluate incident response. 

For this assignment, you will be conducting research. Find a minimum of two peer-reviewed journal articles regarding the  Department of Homeland Security or incident response. You can also use your text and valid websites. (Note: Wikipedia  is not a valid website.) Once you have located your research, discuss the following: 

 What is the evolution of incident response? 

Why are mock drills significant?  

What policies/laws exist regarding incident response?  Discuss these policies/laws 

How effective are policies regarding incident response? 

What weaknesses exist regarding incident response 

 How can incident response weaknesses be improved?  

Discuss the future of incident response and the importance of collaboration.

 Locate research in the Waldorf Online Library to support the assertions within your response. Write a minimum two-page  analysis using the above questions. Use APA 7 edition style to format your response, proofread your work, and then submit your  assignment for grading in Blackboard. 

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