The Diary of Lady Murasaki is one of the few,


The Diary of Lady Murasaki is one of the few, first-hand accounts written by a woman in this part of East Asian History, and is one of the rare examples of its kind in all of World History. Lady Murasaki wrote during the Heian period, so please review this chapter beforehand. For Thursday, 4/1, we will also discuss the questions below, which will form your first essay assignment now due Thursday, April 8th. Please be ready to discuss them on Thursday, so that you will be ready to write this first assignment. 

Based on the Diary of Lady Murasaki, please respond to the following in an approx. 5-6 page paper, double spaced, 12 point font: 

What are the chief values/considerations of Japanese court culture, and what does the role of women seem to be in it? Do we see any examples of Chinese influence on this segment of Japanese society? 

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