The body paragraph of your work is the main section

The body paragraph of your work is the main section of your document. This is where you present an in-depth analysis of psychology text. When writing this section, ensures that you have read and understood the text you are about to critique.

Analyze and evaluate the author’s thesis statement, research methods, and conclusion. Provide detailed analysis and discuss the strengths and the weaknesses of each section.

Examine the author’s arguments and write down the problems you have noticed in the information provided. Discuss what the author might have overlooked when presenting arguments. Evaluate the evidence provided to back up the author’s viewpoint. Is the evidence credible? Are they from reliable sources? Do they have relevance to what is being discussed?

How strong is the evidence provided? Check the interventions and main outcomes. Are they relevant?


The final paragraph of your reaction work should highlight the main points of the arguments. It should provide a summary of your reaction and restate your thesis statement in a meaningful way.

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