Students will prepare a 5-minute-long presentation (plus 2 min Q

Students will prepare a 5-minute-long presentation (plus 2 min Q &A) about your selected artist(s) from Christian art (either has been presented in class lectures or never shown but any artist out of the scope of the class period and material)

This activity is intended to help your final  writing so it doesn’t need to be perfect content or conclusion but open up to the class discussion and get some inspiration from your peers and teacher. You need to create a slideshow file (approx. 5 or less slides) with the following information if you can: recommended but not limited these.

Slide 1: Title/theme of the presentation, image of the artwork with caption (name of artist, title, medium, size, location, collection site/venue), name of presenters, presentation date.  

Slide 2: Short Bio of artist (if known or if necessary) any highlights relevant to your theme

Slide 3: Introduction of the (art historical) stylistic period the artist belongs 

Slide 4: Detailed visual analysis (form/style- color, shape, composition, light, expression, etc.)

Slide 5: Interpretation (meaning, function, commissioner, significance, context, etc.) 

Slide 6: Thesis / Potential conclusion (should be connected each other)

Slide 7: Bibliography & Raise any questions

(Chicago Manual of Styles:

You can use Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi, etc. as your tool. 

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