Step 1: Research and write out(key in) a list of


Step 1: Research and write out(key in) a list of 4 recycling centers in San Antonio & surrounding areas that have computer/electronic components and write 2 sentences each on what they recycle/what’s unique about them/what they charge. Include 4 recycling options that end users could use (or their companies could use),
include 4 agencies looking for used computers.

Step 2: After Step 1, learn how to use WORD software to create a pamphlet with 2 columns (or more columns) that can fold into a trifold pamphlet OR two-fold pamphlet.
Now, use STEP 1 information/research you gathered.
Recycling is crucial yet frightening since computers contain lead, arsenic, tiny bit of gold, etc. Include if one or more of your recycling agencies take/use lead, gold, etc.).
Run WORD Spellchecker AND Grammar Checker (any typos, misspelled words, run-on sentences/phrases will cost many points).
Include at least 3 free, professional photos (not clipart, not childish/comedic/joke-like art/drawings/photos) in the best, most appropriate spots like a professional article in a journal (research what that looks like).

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