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Research and SWOT Analysis


A small Irish company considering launching a new service on campus approaches you. They have limited resources, but strongly believe in their service offering. Because of your familiarity with DCU, you are asked to conduct secondary research, assessing likely demand and to communicate your findings to management. FORMAT OF REPORT Your report should be in the format of a report to management to aid them in making their decision to launch the new service. It should outline the management decision problem, the research problem and the target population. The report should outline sources of secondary research reviewed. This may include information about DCU student body, services currently available on campus and secondary research about the industry the service firm competes in (e.g. PESTEL analysis of industry, SWOT analysis of firm). As part of the report you should design a questionnaire. You should explain your reason(s) for the inclusion of questions in the questionnaire and the type of information they will provide management. You should outline next steps for the firm (i.e. what type of market research they should undertake). Your report should have an introduction, middle and conclusion – it is not sufficient to include bullet points. Include sources for any outside reading/references in your report. The written report will be graded as follows: Secondary research 15% Questionnaire design (rationale for design) 15% Length: 2,000 words maximum. Format: Typed with 1.5 line spacing. Business Assignment Help, Business Homework help, Business Study Help, Business Course Help


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