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Firewall Project


“Firewall Project XT.” Students will read and respond to the following: – Using the “complexity weighting” scheme shown in Table 5.2 and the function Point complexity weighted table shown below, estimate the total function point Count. Assume historical data suggest five function points equal one person a Month and six people can work on the project. Complexity Weight Table Number of inputs 10 Rated complexity low Number of outputs 20 Rated complexity average Number of inquiries 10 Rated complexity average Number of files 30 Rated complexity high Number of interfaces 50 Rated complexity high – Answer the following questions: 1- What is the estimated project duration? 2- If 20 people are available for the project, what is the estimated project? Duration?  If the project must be completed in six months, how many people will be needed for the project? – Discuss your thought process as you completed this exercise. How did you Solve it? Business Assignment Help, Business Homework help, Business Study Help, Business Course Help


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