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Change Analyasis


Change Analyasis Organizations have distinct structures and cultures that influence their direction and how an organization reacts to change. Over the past few years as the growth in the organization has brought new success, it has also meant that some employees have felt that they have lost a closeness that is frequently associated with small companies. You hear comments about losing that family feeling and you can hear undercurrents of fear about the anticipated growth bringing even more changes. The addition of the new plant, new product line and new production technology will all mean significant changes to the UPI culture. You know that not only will individuals resist change, parts or all of the organization will push back against changes if not properly framed. The director would like to meet with you to discuss any possible resistance to the change that may originate from your organization’s culture and structure to the planned changes. Prepare a report that you will use to inform your director on the types of resistance to change that can come from different structures and cultures. Include proper APA formatting. • Reflect on the types of resistance to change that can come from organizational structure or culture, and offer some suggestions on how to decrease the resistance. • Recommend specific interventions that UPI can use to help the organization through the coming changes Business Assignment Help, BusinessHomework help, BusinessStudy Help,Business Course Help


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