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Business management homework help


a) Expain the motivations of Unilever in acquiring Inmarko. Identify the risks Unilever faces in using acquisition as a mode for growth, as opposed to other modes discussed in the chapter. b) Evaluate the strategic, financial and cultural fit of Unilever’s acquisition of Inmarko. c) Using cnn.com, bloomberg.com, or bbc.com, identify at least one strategic alliance partner that Unilever might use to strengthen its icecream business in Russia. In about 75 words, explain what complementary assets would this alliance partner offer. Cite the article using the APA format, including the link to the article. d) http://money.cnn.com/2016/02/04/news/companies/ben-and-jerrys-vegan-ice-cream/index.html read this article and give me some commons,around 75words.


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