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Business management homework help


Google had to come to terms with the fact that the larger the organization became, the more markets it will expand to. Moving to other markets means that the organization had to adapt to different markets it is moving to through evolving in some ways. The process of evolving and adapting is necessary so as to keep different parties happy. The Peter Senge’s five disciplines, which is Shared Vision, Mental Models, Personal Mastery, Team Learning and Systems Thinking are important in this case of Google. Through these principles, the organization can become a good learning organization where people will be proactive when it comes to learning new things and team learning and systematic mastery will ensure people are on the same page when it comes to new things or new market requirements (Quinn & Senge, 2016). Through the principle, continuous learning, effective teamwork, and use of holistic viewpoint to analyze things will enhance determination of major things that are driving change process in different markets the company is expanding to. Adapting to changes will be achieved if the workers feel responsible for the game. In this case, feeling responsible for the game means each and every person is automatically taking part in the improvement or change process so as to improve the performance of the company and enabling it to get closer to the vision it has in a particular market (Senge, Hamilton, & Kania, 2015). It will be possible to adapt easily to changes through having a shared vision of the organization. Adapting to new circumstances that are changing, embracing changes, openness to new ideas, dealing appropriately with ambiguity is what will establish the success of the company in various markets its expands to. References Quinn, R. E., & Senge, P. (2016). Visions of a Healthy World: Views from Thought Leaders. Creative Social Change: Leadership for a Healthy World, 23. Senge, P., Hamilton, H., & Kania, J. (2015). The dawn of system leadership. Stanford Social Innovation Review Winter, 2015, 27-33.


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