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BUS/508 BUS508 BUS 508 Week 9 Chapter 16 Practice Quiz


BUS 508 Week 9 Chapter 16 Practice Quiz Question 1 The ________ is the most international of all stock markets. Answer French Stock Exchange London Stock Exchange European Stock Exchange Global Stock Exchange Question 2 Corporations and governments are not willing to pay for the services provided by financial institutions because they are financial market experts. Answer True False Question 3 The ________ is the most famous and one of the oldest stock markets in the world, having been founded in 1792. Answer London Stock Exchange American Stock Exchange Nasdaq Stock Market New York Stock Exchange Question 4 Savings banks used to be called savings and loan associations or ________. Answer Thrift institutions Commercial banks Stock markets Accounting firms Question 5 Today, many consumers do some or all of their banking on the Internet. Answer True False Question 6 When evaluating loan applications, banks consider the borrower’s ability and willingness to repay the loan. Answer True False Question 7 ________ are creditors of a corporation or government body. Answer Depositors Investors Borrowers Bondholders Question 8 ________ represent obligations on the part of the issuers to provide the purchasers with expected or stated returns on the funds invested or loaned. Answer Equities Instruments Bonds Securities Question 9 Most commercial bank deposits are insured by the ________. Answer ATM SEC NYSE FDIC Question 10 ________ are bonds are stock companies may issue bonds or preferred stock that contains a conversion feature. Answer Dividends Convertible securities Common stock Preferred stock Question 11 ________ is the central bank of the United States and is an important part of the nation’s financial system. Answer Federal Reserve System Securities and Exchange Commission Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation National Credit Union Administration Question 12 Markets in which securities are issued and traded are called ________. Answer Primary markets Secondary markets Financial markets Stock markets Question 13 One of the original forms of electronic banking is the ________. Answer Commercial bank Automated teller machine Personal identification number Depositor Question 14 ________ are bonds issued by state or local governments. Answer Government bonds Municipal bonds General obligation bonds Secured bonds Question 15 Two factors determine the price of the bond: its risk and its interest rate. Answer True False Question 16 The basic form of corporate ownership is embodied in ________. Answer Market interest Preferred stock Common stock Interest rate Question 17 The world’s second-largest stock market is the ________. Answer Nasdaq Stock Market New York Stock Exchange American Stock Exchange London Stock Exchange Question 18 In the ________, firms and governments issue securities and sell them initially to the general public. Answer Primary markets Stock markets Secondary markets Financial markets Question 19 ________ is the difference between what you own and what you owe. Answer Account balance Net worth Owners’ equity Investor profile Question 20 A ________ is a collection of financial markets in which previously issued securities are traded among investors. Answer Securities exchange Primary market Secondary market Stock market


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