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BUS/402 BUS402 BUS 402 WEEK 7 QUIZ 2


BUS 402 WEEK 7 QUIZ 2 • Question 1 Venture capitalists look for ________ as the most important ingredient in the success of any business. • Question 2 Which of the following is the most popular rule of Regulation D exemptions? • Question 3 ________ governs private placements and is designed to reduce the registration requirements for small companies going public. • Question 4 The formal underwriting agreement is signed: • Question 5 The largest single source of external equity capital for small businesses is: • Question 6 It typically takes ________ to take a company public. • Question 7 The largest cost in a public stock offering is: • Question 8 When filing with the SEC, the initial registration statement: • Question 9 When looking for an angel, the key is: • Question 10 Under a ________ agreement, the underwriter agrees to purchase all of the shares in a company’s public offering and then resells them to investors. • Question 11 In a public offering, the underwriter: • Question 12 Private “angel” investors tend to: • Question 13 The single most important ingredient in making a successful public offering is: • Question 14 The two factors that make a deal attractive to venture capitalists are: • Question 15 ________ is any form of wealth used to produce more wealth.


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