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BUS/402 BUS402 BUS 402 WEEK 6 QUIZ


BUS 402 WEEK 6 QUIZ • Question 1 The cost of marketing a product is highest in the: • Question 2 The product life cycle concept means that small businesses must: • Question 3 The primary opportunity for time compression management (TCM) lies in its application to: • Question 4 Small businesses can compete with larger rivals with bigger budgets by employing unconventional, low-cost creative techniques known as: • Question 5 When it comes to gathering market research on customers, most small companies tend to be: • Question 6 When it comes to innovation, the small business and entrepreneur: • Question 7 A company’s competitive edge is: • Question 8 ________ puts the customer at the center of a company’s thinking, planning, and action and shifts the focus from a product or service to customers and their needs and wants. • Question 9 To build an effective customer service program, it is important to: • Question 10 Studies show that customers want ________ from businesses almost more than anything else. • Question 11 The worst marketing catastrophe to befall any business would be to: • Question 12 The majority of customers who stop patronizing a particular store do so because: • Question 13 Free trial offers, free delivery, lengthy warranties, and money back guarantees are examples of: • Question 14 Small companies with limited financial resources can often use ________ as a way to differentiate themselves from larger competitors. • Question 15 The focus of the small company’s marketing plan is: • Question 16 In reality, advertising: • Question 17 ________ is the personal contact between salespeople and potential customers that comes from sales efforts. • Question 18 The most commonly used method of establishing an advertising budget for a small business is: • Question 19 A recent study of top salespeople found that they: • Question 20 A successful public relations technique used by local businesses to sponsor and promote fundraising activities of nonprofit groups is called: . • Question 21 The ________ cost of an advertising medium compares the actual dollar cost of an ad with the number of potential customers it reaches. • Question 22 Flashing from one television channel to another, especially during commercials, is called: • Question 23 The ________ becomes the heart of a company’s advertising message. • Question 24 Under the ________ method of establishing an advertising budget, the owner sees advertising as a luxury. • Question 25 ________ is any sales presentation that is nonpersonal in nature and is paid for by an identified sponsor. • Question 26 In a(n) ________ advertising program, a group of similar businesses forms a “syndicate” to produce “generic” ads that allow the individual businesses to dub in local information. • Question 27 ________ are an important advertising medium for reaching customers who have already made the purchase decision and are looking for the product or service. • Question 28 Radio’s power as an advertising medium comes from: • Question 29 The ________ method is the most difficult and least used technique of establishing an advertising budget. • Question 30 The key to the success of direct mail advertising is:


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