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[Answered] Submit your system design. The system design is to be submitted as a Word documen


Submit your system design. The system design is to be submitted as a Word document that is a combination of sections: an introductory summary, a specification, a data design, a user interface design, a system architecture, and a feasibility analysis. Copy the image of your diagram for the specification, data design and user interface sections into your Word document and include text to ensure that the diagram has proper context within the overall system design document. Your audience is IT management and the IT project team.

Note that the course project intent is to introduce students to an entire systems analyst process. Each milestone is fairly significant in size if performing an actual project. For the intended learning and exposure to the course project topics, please know thatassumptions will have to be made and that any such assumptions should be documented.

Please see attachments. I have already completed everything except the system design portion. The word document that is attached is the document that I have completed. you will only need to complete the system design.

I have already completed everything but the system design. I only need the system design completed. Please see the attachment for instructions. I also attached the work I completed so that you can do your system design according to my work.