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(answered) – 1″Examples of monopolistic competition using


(answered) – 1″Examples of monopolistic competition usingDescriptionSolution downloadThe Question1?Examples of monopolistic competition using ??fashion?? as advertising have been identified as long ago as?formCheckList.addElement(new Check_Answer({ref_label:”1″,name:”mc-ans-_39399592_1″}));a.100 yearsb.?1,000 years?c.?5,500 years?d.?12,000 years?2. “Land investments, particularly in areas stricken by desertification, will be relatively worthless “formCheckList.addElement(new Check_Answer({ref_label:”2″,name:”mc-ans-_39399593_1”}));a.Under the Stern Review interest rate proposalsb.So long as no means exist to extract substantial agricultural revenue from desertc.If present levels of carbon emissions continue without sequestration technologyd.If the poor start to increase their energy utillization3. “Once known as the “”carrying trade,”” evening of prices between markets is accomplished by”formCheckList.addElement(new Check_Answer({ref_label:”3″,name:”mc-ans-_39399594_1″}));a.leverageb.infrastructurec.portaged.arbitrage4. “Pictures of money were shown, too quickly to be consciously perceived (subliminally) to subjects in a neuroeconomics study. The subjects”formCheckList.addElement(new Check_Answer({ref_label:”4″,name:”mc-ans-_39399595_1”}));a.became depressed and performed a task more slowly than usualb.intensity of work did not changec.with greater force independently of the denomination of the money displayedd.worked increasingly harder depending on the denomination of the money displayed5.. “According to Adam Smith, the proper word for markets regulation is”formCheckList.addElement(new Check_Answer({ref_label:”5″,name:”mc-ans-_39399596_1″}));?????????????a.shamefulb.mercantilismc.liberalismd.police6. An externality is:formCheckList.addElement(new Check_Answer({ref_label:”6″,name:”mc-ans-_39399597_1″}));a.A cost or benefit of a market activity that impacts a third party.b.The private costs that are borne by an individual.c.The cost of clean up paid for by the polluter.d.A situation in which the government solution makes the outcome worse.7.By the end of the 14th century, the economy of the Republic of Venice had developed what characteristic features of successful modern macroeconomies?formCheckList.addElement(new Check_Answer({ref_label:”7″,name:”mc-ans-_39399598_1″}));a.All of the belowb.Extensive trade routes whose annual scheduling was convenient for commercial credit.c.Highly efficient monopolistic enterprises, specifically government-run shipbuilding, grain trading, and coin-productiond.Labor markets characterized by adequate pay, government and union social protections.8. Compare asymmetric information for companies with exchange-traded stocks against small businessesformCheckList.addElement(new Check_Answer({ref_label:”8″,name:”mc-ans-_39399599_1″}));a.asymmetric information is equally prevalent in bothb.there is more asymmetric information in the stock exchange since listing requires financial auditc.information about small business is necessarily assymetricd.Assymetric information is revealed in both segments when economic conditions deteriorate9. Gold, silver and copper coins circulated in the Roman Empire. The values of gold and silver were determined at the mint and central capital markets. What determined the gold and silver exchange value of copper coins?formCheckList.addElement(new Check_Answer({ref_label:”9″,name:”mc-ans-_39399600_1”}));a.Monetary edicts of the emperor.b.Barter at local marketsc.Prices in silver demanded by copper minersd.Exchange values set at local municipal banks10. Images of agricultural products sculpted on clay disks are found scattered around temple sites in Mesopotamia and the Indus valley, at layers earlier than the first writing, suggestingformCheckLi


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