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(answered) – 1 Your report must be in this numerical order and format to


(answered) – 1 Your report must be in this numerical order and format toDescriptionSolution downloadThe Questioni need a research paper on the topic ofADVERTISEMENT ON WEB??AND here i am going to attach the research paper template and the rules for research paper so according to that you need to make it.BECAREFULL WHILE MAKING THIS MY PROFESSOR GONNA CHECK IT ON TURNITIN IF ITS MATCH OR SIMILARITY LESS THEN 25% THEN ITS ACCEPTABLE AND ONLY I ACCEPT THE WORK.1Your report must be in this numerical order and format to receive grades on all sections1) Title page (See my template)2) Thesis or Problem Statement (see sample on page 2 below)3)Abstract: An abstract is an abbreviated version of your project final report,limited to a maximum of 250 words or one page only, must be in pasttenses, and must include the following information:a) Introduction (purpose, who will benefit, how is it better than others)b) Problem (Identify the problem you solved or the hypothesis you investigated)c) Procedures (Brief description or your approach for investigating the problem)d) Results (What answer did you obtain)e) Conclusions (State how or what your research can contribute to knowledge).4) Table of Contents5) Introduction6) Significance or Purpose of the research7) Research methodology8) Data collection9) Data Analysis10)Main Report (4-5 pages)11)Conclusion12)Reference listNote:APA format (In-text-Citation, 12? fonts Times New Roman, Reference list, anddouble space)2A Thesis/Problem Statement Sample:Example:Topic: The American steel industry.If you KNOW the Problem do this:Thesis/Problem statement: The primary/main/principal problem of the Americansteel industry is the lack of funds to renovate outdated plants and equipment.This research paper will investigate this problem through attentive and relevantresearch on the following areas:a) Funding resourcesb) Contributorsc) Budget controld) Annual expendituree) Leadership capabilityIf you do not KNOW the Problem, do this:The purpose of this quantitative/qualitative research study is to investigate thereason why the American steel industry fails to renovate outdated plants andequipment. This research paper will investigate to determine the cause of thisfailure through attentive and relevant research on the following areas:Funding resourcesb) Contributors3c) Budget controld) Annual expendituree) Leadership capability


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