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(answered) – 1 Unsatisfactory 0.00% 2 Less


(answered) – 1 Unsatisfactory 0.00% 2 LessDescriptionSolution downloadThe QuestionHi professormajic, this is the assignment and rubic for class ?1Unsatisfactory0.00%2Less ThanSatisfactory74.00%3Satisfactory79.00%4Good87.00%5Excellent100.00%70.0 %Content40.0 % Student has Student has notStudent has not selected Student has selected a Student has selected a social Student hasselected a socialselected a sociala social psychologist for social psychologist for psychologist for eachselected apsychologist for each psychologist for each each theoreticaleach theoreticaltheoretical perspectivesocialtheoreticaltheoretical perspective perspective discussed in perspective discussed in discussed in the lecture notes. psychologistperspectivediscussed in the lecture the lecture notes.the lecture notes.Included in the student’sfor eachdiscussed in thenotes. Student’sStudent’s discussionIncluded in the student’s discussion are the socialtheoreticallecture notes.discussion does notdoes not include all ofdiscussion are the social psychologists’ primaryperspectiveIncluded in theinclude the socialthe following: the social psychologists’ primary research area, their names,discussed instudent’s discussion psychologists’ primary psychologists’ primary research area, theirand academic affiliations.the lectureare the socialresearch area, theirresearch area, theirnames, and academic Student’s discussion usesnotes.psychologists’names, and academic names, and academicaffiliations.textual reference of theIncluded inprimary researchaffiliations.affiliations.assigned readings to reinforce the student’sarea, their names,the student’s discussion of the discussion areand academicsocial psychologists’ primary the socialaffiliations.research area.psychologists’primaryresearcharea, theirnames, andacademicaffiliations.Student’sdiscussionuses textualreference ofthe assignedreadings toreinforce thestudent’sdiscussion ofthe socialpsychologists’primaryresearcharea. Studentmakes a veryclearconnection30.0 % Studentdiscusses the role ofculture as it relatesto the research ofthe socialpsychologistsdiscussed as well aswhy anunderstanding ofculture is importantwhen choosing aresearch method forconducting humanresearch.Student does notdiscuss the role ofculture as it relates tothe research of thesocial psychologistsdiscussed nor do theydiscuss why anunderstanding ofculture is importantwhen choosing aresearch method forconducting humanresearch.between thesocialpsychologistand his/herassignedtheoreticalperspective.Student minimallyStudent discusses the Student portrays a clearStudentdiscusses the role ofrole of culture as itunderstanding in theirportrays aculture as it relates torelates to the research discussion of the role culture clear, inthe research of theof the socialhas as it relates to thedepthsocial psychologistspsychologists discussed research of the socialunderstandindiscussed. Student’sas well as why anpsychologists discussed.g in theirdiscussion as to why an understanding of culture Student also has a meaningful discussion ofunderstanding of culture is important whenunderstanding as to whythe roleis important whenchoosing a researchculture is important whenculture has aschoosing a researchmethod for conducting choosing a research method it relates tomethod for conducting human research.for conducting humanthe research


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