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(answered) – 1 Topic: Analytics Case Evaluation and Response Details: You have


(answered) – 1 Topic: Analytics Case Evaluation and Response Details: You haveDescriptionSolution downloadThe Question1Topic: Analytics Case Evaluation and ResponseDetails: You have been hired by ShopSense as an analytics consultant. You have met with the CEO of the company, Donna Greer, and agreed that you will provide her with recommendations regarding how ShopSense can use analytics for competitive advantage. You are scheduled to meet privately with Ms. Greer to present your recommendations. In this assignment, you will prepare a report to deliver to the ShopSense CEO during your meeting.General Requirements:?Refer to “The Dark Side of Customer Analytics,” including the four commentaries. This presents the ShopSense case study.? use APA style for their writing assignments.?This assignment requires that at least two additional scholarly research sources related to this topic, and at least one in-text citation from each source be included.No plagiarism. This essay will be submitted into Turn-It-In for oriniginal work and gradingDirections:Write a paper of 1,250-1,300 words that recommends a course of action for ShopSense. Include the following in the report:1.A background statement that offers a synthesis of the commentaries appended to the ShopSense case study.2.A research-based statement outlining the benefits of employing business analytics for gaining competitive advantage.3.A research-based rationale for recommending the adoption of business analytics by ShopSense.HBR CASE STUDYThe Dark Side of Customer AnalyticsAn insurance company ?nds some intriguing patterns in the loyalty card data it boughtfrom a grocery chain ? the correlation between condom sales and HIV-related claims,for instance. How can both companies leverage the data responsibly?Daniel VasconcellosLAURA BRICKMAN WAS GLAD she was almost done groceryshopping. The lines at the local ShopSense supermarketwere especially long for a Tuesday evening. Her cart wasnearly over?owing in preparation for several days awayfrom her family, and she still had packing to do at home. Just afew more items to go: ?A dozen eggs, a half gallon of orangejuice, and ? a box of Dip & Dunk cereal?? Her six-year-old daughter, Maryellen, had obviously used the step stool to get at thelist on the counter and had scrawled her high-fructose demandat the bottom of the paper in bright-orange marker.HBR?s cases, which are ?ctional, present common managerial dilemmasand offer concrete solutions from experts.hbr.org|May 2007|Harvard Business Review 37YEL MAG CYAN BLACKby Thomas H. Davenport and Jeanne G. HarrisHBR CASE STUDY|The Dark Side of Customer Analyticsthat it was one of only a handful of retailers to conduct its analytics in-house.As a result, the grocery chain possessedsophisticated data-analysis methodsand a particularly deep trove of information about its customers. In the article, analytics chief Steve Worthingtondescribed how the organization employed a pattern-based approach to issuing coupons. The marketing department understood, for instance, thatLaura made a mental note to speakwith Miss Maryellen about what sugary cereals do to kids? teeth (and to theirparents? wallets). Taking care not tocrack any of the eggs, she squeezed theremaining items into the cart. Shewheeled past the ShopSense SummerFun displays. ?Do we need more sunscreen??Laura wondered for a moment,before deciding to go without. She gotto the checkout area and waited.As regional manager for West Coastoperations of IFA, one of the largest sellers of life and health insurance in theUnited States, Laura normally mightnot have paid much attention to ShopSense?s checkout procedures ? exceptmaybe to monitor how accurately herpurchases were being rung up. But nowtha


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