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(answered) – 1) The figure above is from a classic 1920 physics textbook by


(answered) – 1) The figure above is from a classic 1920 physics textbook byDescriptionSolution downloadThe QuestionHello! ?I have attached my physics problems. ?I need answers as well as work shown for all the problems, so I can better understand. Thank you for your help!?1) The figure above is from a classic 1920 physics textbook by Millikan and Gale. Itrepresents a method for raising the water from the pond up to the water tower, ata higher level, without using a pump. Water is allowed into the drive pipe, andonce it is flowing fast enough, it forces the valve at the bottom closed.Explain how this works in terms of conservation of mass and energy1) A shopper pushes a grocery cart (mass of 3.0 kg) with a constant forcechanging the speed from 30 m/s to 45m/s. How much work was done on thecart?2) A crane can raise a load of 5000 tons (1 ton = 1000 kg) to a height of 12.0 min 3 minute at a constant velocity. What is the power developed by the crane?3) A 2.00 kg block is pushed against a spring with spring force constant k = 400N/m. The spring is compressed a distance of 15 cm. When the block isreleased, it moves along a frictionless horizontal surface and then climbs upon a frictionless inclined plane with a slope of 35.0?. How far does the blockclimb the inclined plane before sliding down?4) At the bottom of a frictionless ski slope is a 22 m wide stretch of rough snowwhere the coefficient of friction is 0.23. From what vertical height on theslope should a skier start at rest, in order to get through the rough patch andcome out of it with a speed of 8.0 m/s?5) A 120 kg toboggan reaches the foot of a hill at a speed of 4.80 m/s and thencoasts on level snow for 17.0 m before coming to a stop. The coefficient ofkinetic friction is??. (show your work!)6) A 35.0 kg girl slides down a slide and reaches the bottom with a kineticenergy of 123 J. If the vertical drop of the slide was 2.40 m, then the workdone by friction on the girl was _____ J. Explain your answer!7) A 0.200 kg hockey puck moving with an initial speed of 6.00 m/s slides acrossa concrete floor and comes to rest after going 9.00 m. Determine thecoefficient of kinetic friction, using the concepts learnt in this lesson.


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