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(answered) – 1) The amount of time Americans spend watching television is


(answered) – 1) The amount of time Americans spend watching television isDescriptionSolution downloadThe Question1) The amount of time Americans spend watching television is closely monitored by firms such as A.C. Nielsen because this helps to determine advertising pricing for commercials.? According to American Time Use Survey, the distribution of the variable ?time spent watching television on a weekday? for American adults is skewed to the right with population mean of 2.35 hours per day and standard deviation of 1.93 hours per daySuppose an American adult is selected at random.? What can be said about the probability that the person watches TV for at least 4.13 hours a day on a weekday?about 0.9906about 0.9732about 0.8212about 0.1788It?cannot?be?determined?accurately?from?the?information?given.I feel like the answer is .8212 based on finding the z score value and the corresponding p-value. (4.13-2.35/1.93)=.92= p-value of .82122) During a medical emergency, people who dial 911 expect an ambulance to arrive quickly and personnel to provide vital care. A random sample of ambulance response times in minutes were collected. A 95% confidence interval for the population mean response time for ambulances is found to be 7.5 minutes to 9.5 minutes.A fixed level of significance of 10% was selected to test the hypotheses??Mu=7.8?minutes vs.?Mu not equal to 7.8?minutes. What would be your statistical decision?Reject H0Fail to Reject H0Cannot TellHere, I think the answer is “Cannot tell” because a 10% significance level corresponds to a 90% confidence level which would be narrower than a 95% confidence interval. But there is no way to tell if 7.8 is truly part of the 90% interval.?