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(answered) – 1 Submission Instructions Create a folder named where


(answered) – 1 Submission Instructions Create a folder named whereDescriptionSolution downloadThe Question1 Submission InstructionsCreate a folder named where asuriteid is your ASURITE user id (for example, since my ASURITE user id is kburger2 my folder would be named kburger2) and copy all of your .java source code files to this folder. Do not copy the .class files or any other files. Next, compress the folder creating a zip archive file named .zip (mine would be named kburger2.zip). Upload .zip to the Project 2 dropbox by the project deadline. The deadline is 11:59pm Wed 9 Apr. Consult the online syllabus for the late and academic integrity policies.2 Learning ObjectivesRead UML class diagrams and convert the diagram into Java classes.Identify and implement dependency, aggregation, inheritance, and composition relationships.Properly use the public, private, and protected accessibility modifiers.Write Java code to override methods.Recognize when inheritance is present among classes in an OOD.Design and implement classes using inheritance.To write Java code to implement polymorphism in a class inheritance hierarchy.To implement a Java interface.3 BackgroundAt Springfield State U there are two classes of students: on-campus students and online students. On-campus students are categorized as residents (R) or nonresidents (N) depending on whether they reside within the state in which Springfield exists or they reside in a different state. The base tuition for on-campus students is $5500 for residents and $12,200 for non-residents. Some on-campus students, enrolled in certain pre-professional programs, are charged an additional program fee which varies depending on the program. An on-campus students may enroll for up to 18 credit hours at the base rate but for each credit hour exceeding 18, they pay an additional fee of $350 for each credit hour over 18.Online students are neither residents nor non-residents. Rather, their tuition is computed as the number of credit hours for which they are enrolled multiplied by the online credit hour rate which is $875 per credit hours. Furthermore, some online students enrolled in certain degree programs pay an online technology fee of $125 per semester.4 Software RequirementsYour program shall meet these requirements.1. Student information for Springfield State University is stored in a text file named p02-students.txt. There is one student record per line, where the format of a student record for an on-campus student is:C id last-name first-name residency program-fee credits where:’C’id last-name first-name residency program-fee creditsIdentifies the student as an on-campus student.The student identifier number. A string of 13 digits.The student’s last name. A contiguous string of characters.The student’s first name. A contiguous string of characters.’R’ if the student is a resident, ‘N’ if the student is a non-resident. A program fee, which may be zero.The number of credit hours for which the student is enrolled.The format of a student record for an online student is:O id last-name first-name tech-fee creditswhere ‘O’ identifies the student as an online student, and id, last-name, first-name, and credits are the same as for an on-campus student. The tech-fee field is ‘T’ if the student is to be assessed the technology fee or ‘-‘ if the student is not assessed the technology fee.Arizona State University Page 1CSE205 Object Oriented Programming and Data StructuresProgramming Project 2 :: 25 ptsHere is an example p02-students.txt file:Sample p02-students.txtC 8230123345450 Flintstone Fred R 0 12 C 3873472785863 Simpson Lisa N 750 18 C 4834324308675 Jetson George R 0 20O 1384349045225 Szyslak Moe – 6O 5627238253456 Flanders Ned T 3The program shall read the contents of p02-students.txt and calculate the tuition for each student.The program shall write the tuition


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