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(answered) – 1 Start Word. Download and open the file named


(answered) – 1 Start Word. Download and open the file namedDescriptionSolution downloadThe Question1Start Word. Download and open the file named go_w03_grader_a3.docx.2On Page 1, click at the beginning of the newsletter title. Insert an online picture by using the search terms recycle button. Insert an appropriate image from the search results. Change the height of the image to 4″, if necessary. Recolor the picture by applying Olive Green, Accent color 3 Dark.3Scale the picture to 10% of its height, and then change the Text Wrapping to Square. Change the Horizontal Alignment to Left relative to Margin and the Vertical Alignment to Top relative to Margin.4Starting with the paragraph Research on Environmental Economics, select all of the text from that point to the end of the first page?do not include the Page Break in your selection. Format the text in two columns, and then apply Justify alignment. Insert a Column break before the paragraph The Hard Costs of Pollution. Save your file.5Start Internet Explorer, and then navigate to www.epa.gov/gateway/learn. In your go_w03_Grader_a3.docx file, in the first column click at the end of the paragraph that begins Research topics include. Insert a screenshot of the website?do not link to the URL. Apply a Black, Text 1 Picture Border and change the Weight to 1 pt.6Select the subheading Research on Environmental Economics. Use the Font dialog box to apply Small Caps and to change the font color to Dark Blue, Text 2?in the fourth column, the first color. Apply the same formatting to the subheadings The Hard Costs of Pollution and Environmental Economics Conference.7Select the last two paragraphs in the newsletter, which begin For more information, and end with MEEC, and then apply a 1 pt Shadow border using Black, Text 1. Shade the paragraph using the Fill color Dark Blue, Text 2, Lighter 80%?in the fourth column, the second color. Center the two paragraphs of text.8On Page 2, change the line spacing for all of the text on the page to 2.0. For the same text, change the spacing after to 0 pt.9On Page 2, apply a first line indent of 0.5 inches to the paragraph that begins Environmental economics is.10In the paragraph that begins Environmental economics also studies, in the second line, immediately following the comma after Kyoto Protocol, insert the footnote The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement that aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Be sure to type the period at the end of the footnote.11Modify the Footnote Text style to set the Font Size to 11 and the format of the Footnote Text paragraph to include a first line indent of 0.5? and double spacing.12On Page 2, at the end of the paragraph that begins Environmental economists have, click to the left of the period, and then using MLA format, insert a citation for an article in a periodical with the following information:Author: Abboud, LeilaTitle: Economist Strikes GoldPeriodical Title: The Wall Street JournalYear: 2008Month: MarchDay: 13Pages: A1Medium: Print13Edit the Abboud citation to include A1 as the page number.14On the last line of Page 4, insert a MLA style bibliography (not under Built-In).15At the end of the document, insert a manual page break. Save, but do not close, the go_w03_grader_a3.docx document.16Press CTRL + N to open a new blank Word document. In the new blank Word document, start the Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard. Set the document type to labels and then proceed to step 2. Select Avery US Letter labels, product number 5160. Select the downloaded file w03_labels.docx as the recipients list. Insert an Address block using the default Joshua Randall Jr. format, and then match the fields. Match the Address 2 field to the Unit field, and then update the labels. Preview the labels, and then select the Word table that forms the labels. Change the Spacing Be


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