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(answered) – 1 Running head: UNEMPLOYMENT PROBLEMS Unemployment Problems in


(answered) – 1 Running head: UNEMPLOYMENT PROBLEMS Unemployment Problems inDescriptionSolution downloadThe QuestionPlease complete this assignment using the enclosed Abstract with several in text citations and 4 references. 6-7 pages minimum (APA Format).1Running head: UNEMPLOYMENT PROBLEMSUnemployment Problems in the United StatesSTUDENTAmerican Military UniversityProf17 February 2016AbstractThroughout history, unemployment has been a recurring problemand this has had an impact on the livelihood of the young to theelderly. This paper discusses historical as well as current issues withunemployment problems in the United States, including causes andsolutions to drastically reduce its existence. This paper will alsoprovide an overview of statistical data to reflect how this problemtends to reoccur unabated with little or no attention given by thefederal government to overcome these trends. The suggestions andsolutions are being taken from sources such as Bureau of LaborStatistics and the Bureau of Census and other outside sources.2Running head: UNEMPLOYMENT PROBLEMSKeywords: unemployment rates, job training, affordable collegeeducation, wages, globalization of markets and production, andmodern technology.


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