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(answered) – 1 Running Head: MANAGEMENT OF OPERATIONS (BANK OF


(answered) – 1 Running Head: MANAGEMENT OF OPERATIONS (BANK OFDescriptionSolution downloadThe QuestionI need help adding information on my paper. I already have descriptions of operation management (I attached the paper).Issue Part (In-depth study of an issue related to management of operations) ?2 pagesThe research part would be on AN ISSUE related to management of operations such as Comparison between ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 Standards or managing quality in healthcare organizations. It can be based on first-hand data collected personally and/or secondary data, Internet, books and articles from reputed journals. The paper should include examples from real companies and your own analysis and comments throughout the paper.Application Part (Application of the concepts and techniques of management of operations to a real system or problem) 2 pagesThe application problem would involve application of the concepts and techniques of the management of operations to a real problem or system. The application paper would start out with the clear description of the problem or system. It would then go on to data collection about the problem or system and the application of appropriate concepts and techniques of management of operations. The paper would conclude with practicable recommendations for the solution/ alleviation of the problem or improvements to the system.?ObjectivesThe purpose of this paper is to challenge students to apply the knowledge of Management Science acquired during the course to a realistic situation. Based on the knowledge, students will examine and conduct an in-depth analysis of the application of the concepts and techniques of service management to a real service.1Running Head: MANAGEMENT OF OPERATIONS (BANK OF AMERICA)Management of Operations (Bank of America)Institution:Course:Name:MANAGEMENT OF OPERATIONS (BANK OF AMERICA)2Management of Operations (Bank of America)IntroductionThe paper discusses the management operations of Bank of America which is a serviceunit in the banking industry where it provides auxiliary services to the different sectors of theeconomy. The bank is the second largest multinational financial institution in the United States ofAmerica regarding assets and the twenty-first regarding total revenue with headquarters inCharlotte, North Carolina. The financial firm has five thousand one hundred centers throughwhich it offers several of its banking products and services.The complexity of the bank because of its large size makes it engage in numerousadvanced ways and methods to deliver satisfaction to their high valued customers. Such methodsinclude ATMs located within the proximity of clients, communication centers through which thepopulation to which the bank provides financial care can contact for inquiries, submit claims andseek help (Bozarth, &Handfield, 2015). The bank offers products and services such as onlineinvestments, credit card services, checking the accounts of various businesses, providing autoloans, operating saving accounts, and mortgaged services as well as handling financialtransactions in the online platforms.Management of OperationsBecause of the changing business environment, the bank gets involved in many activitiesand transactions that are vital to enhancing the company?s progress. Both the internal andexternal environment of the firm initiate the need for better management of the operationsdeemed necessary for establishing good reputation and networking lines in the industry. Major ofthe bank?s operations that require proper management techniques include the following:MANAGEMENT OF OPERATIONS (BANK OF AMERICA)3Consumer bankingThe consumer-banking segment remains the largest division in the company where itinvolves the availing of financial products and services to individual consumers as well


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