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(answered) – 1 RISK ASSESSMENT FOR THE HEALTH SECTOR RISK ASSESSMENT FOR THEDescriptionSolution downloadThe QuestionNeeds to be on Healthcare Sector and will attach previous paper toKey AssignmentSubmit your Key Assignment for grading and instructor feedback. The Key Assignment should incorporate the concepts introduced in previous weeks.Note:?There are 2 parts to this assignment.Part 1Revisit Dr. Ted Lewis? lectures on network analysis.Using the model you chose, complete the network analysis of your selected network, and include the following:Determine if your network is scale-free or small-world, and make judgments on why this matters.Remember, the main purpose for using network analysis is to identify critical nodes and links. Focus your risk analysis on at least 1 of these critical hubs, and include it in your Key Assignment.Your network analysis will also provide you with better information upon which you might base your choice or design of a resource allocation model. Discuss how the network analysis will inform your resource allocation decisions.Present your output in a well-delivered and clearly understandable format of your choosing, using any media that you desire. Remember to analyze the information that employing your software or model reveals. Such analysis will constitute your findings and should be presented as such.?Part 2Key Assignment: Final DraftBelow are the instructions for the Key Assignment (KA), the outline of which was due during Week 4, and the final version, due in Week 5. All of the elements are required for the final KA.ContentFor your Key Assignment, be sure to include the following content:Cover the sector, network, and assets that you selected earlier and referenced throughout the term. Both your draft KA, and later your final, refined version should address the following:Discuss the placement of the selected sector in context nationally, regionally, or as otherwise applies. This context should also include discussion of related or overlapping critical infrastructure (CI) sectors that are also relevant to your selected network. Consider any issues or factors pertaining to networks, integration with, or dependence upon other sectors, sector-centric challenges, and so forth. What you choose to include is indicative of your thorough and intelligent approach to covering this requirement.Include your research and presentation of legal, regulatory, policy-related, and political considerations regarding your selected network, that if not precisely real-world are realistic and reasonable as influences on CI prioritization and resource allocation. This portion will expressly employ applied research methodologies.Utilize the full application of a vulnerability analysis tool, methodology, or fault tree to analyze your selected network and to identify critical nodes, capabilities, and assets.Include a complete risk assessment (RA) of at least 1 critical node, identified through your conduct of a vulnerability analysis. This RA model may use an existing tool, be designed by you, or reflect a hybrid of models. The RA will consider threats, vulnerabilities, costs, and risks and identify the most significant among these.Provide comprehensive recommendations for mitigation, prevention activities, and devices to strengthen protection and resiliency of the network and its assets.Apply an existing, self-designed, or hybrid model of a resource allocation model to make recommendations on how resources should be applied toward the protection and resiliency of nodes and assets.Your Key Assignment must include the addition of the following:Give recommendations for future public- and private-sector initiatives in effecting protected and resilient CI, drawing on lessons gathered from completing this network analysis and extending these lessons to a larger CI context.Identify and explain potential solutions to mitigate the r


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