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(answered) – 1 Promotion: Communications, Advertising, PR, Personal


(answered) – 1 Promotion: Communications, Advertising, PR, PersonalDescriptionSolution downloadThe QuestionInstructions:Review the attached?PowerPoint Presentation and please try to write answer reading kotler text book and cite with kotler name.Perfect APA Format.Q1. Discuss the various elements that should be present to make a successful advertising campaign. Cite your readings and marketing concepts, as well as examples.?Q2. Marketing communications use both negative and positive appeals in advertising messages. Compare and contrast the use of positive and negative appeals for this situation: An ad agency has landed an account for?Savola, a brand of healthy cooking oil. Describe how the ad can incorporate negative appeals in its messages effectively.1Promotion:Communications,Advertising, PR,Personal Selling,etc.Objectives of Promotion17-2The Four Elements ofthe Promotion Mix17-3Create AwarenessAwareness is crucial to initiating theproduct adoption process for newproductsFor existing products, promotionalefforts create increased awareness ofbrands, product features, image-relatedissues, or operational characteristics17-4Stimulate DemandPrimary DemandDemand for a product category rather thana specific brandPioneer PromotionA way to stimulate primary demandPromotion that informs consumers about anew productSelective DemandDemand for a specific brand? 2012 South-Western, a part of Cengage Learning17-5Encourage Product TrialIf customers stall in the evaluation stage,marketers can use methods to encourageproduct trial in order to move them toproduct adoptionTrial Techniques:Free samplesCouponsTest drivesLimited free-use offersContestsGames17-6Identify ProspectsSome promotional efforts aim to locateand identify customers who areinterested in the firm?s products and aremost likely to buyTechniques Include:??Direct-response information formToll-free numberThe organization should follow up withthese prospects? 2012 South-Western, a part of Cengage Learning17-7Retain Loyal CustomersThe primary goal of marketing is tomaintain long-term customerrelationships?Keeping current customers is less costlythan acquiring new customersRetention techniques include:?Frequent-user programs?Special offers for existing customers17-8Customer RetentionListening to the customerLoyalty programs to reward most-valuedcustomerse-Communications?Interactive promotions?Sweepstakes and contestsEvents?e-newsletters, e-cards, or e-alertsSeminars, workshops, etc.Client appreciation programs?Invitations to special events, etc.17-9Facilitate Reseller SupportStrong relationships with resellersare important to an organization?sability to maintain a sustainablecompetitive advantageVarious promotional methods helpachieve this goal?Resellers view promotion as form ofsupport?Share promotional expense?Special offers/buying allowances17-10Combat CompetitivePromotional EffortsPromotional activities may aim to offsetor lessen the effect of a competitor?spromotional and marketing activities?This type of promotional activity does notnecessarily increase sales or market shareA combative promotional objective isused most often by firms in highlycompetitive consumer markets17-11Reduce Sales FluctuationsA business cannot operate at peakefficiency when sales fluctuate widely??HolidaysSeasonal productsPromotional activities are oftendesigned to stimulate sales duringslumps17-12Criticisms and Defensesof PromotionIs promotion deceptive?Some ar


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