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(answered) – 1 of 50 Which of the following was not a reason why the English


(answered) – 1 of 50 Which of the following was not a reason why the EnglishDescriptionSolution downloadThe Question1 ?of?50Which of the following was not a reason why the English became involved in exploration of the Americas?Fish, which was basic to the European diet, was found in abundance in the North Atlantic in the Americas.Decreases in population and falling prices in England created greatly improved the economic conditions of ordinary people, emboldening them to look across the ocean for more opportunities.For the English nobility, colonies in the Americas offered new baronies, fiefdoms, and estates.For English merchants, the New World promised exotic produce to sell at home and a new outlet for English cloth.Question2 ?of?50As Secretary of the Treasury under George Washington, _______ was instrumental in shaping national policy that would determine the United States’ economic future.John AdamsAlexander HamiltonThomas JeffersonJames MadisonQuestion3 ?of?50Ratified in December 1791, _______ contained ten amendments that protected citizens’ democratic rights.The Articles of ConfederationThe Bill of RightsThe New Jersey PlanThe Virginia PlanQuestion4 ?of?50Which of the following was not a characteristic of the African ethos?The family was the basic unit of social organization.Widespread across Africa was a belief in a Supreme Creator of the cosmos and in a pantheon of lesser deities associated with natural forces that could intervene in human affairs.Africans worshiped ancestors, whom they believed mediated between the Creator and the living.Africans did not have slaves.Question5 ?of?50Which of the following was among the changes that affected interior Native Americans during the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries?Commercial hunting turned into subsistence hunting.Trade goods like iron implements, firearms and ammunition, and alcohol altered ways of life among interior Native Americans.Spiritual beliefs that suggested that the destinies of humans and animals were closely linked became more influential.Centralized leadership gave way to an emphasis on village loyalties.Question6 ?of?50_______ was an uprising in the 1670s among frontiersmen in Virginia who detested the Indian policy of Virginia’s royal governor.Bacon’s RebellionQueen Anne’s WarPop?’s RevoltShay’s RebellionQuestion7 ?of?50By the end of George Washington’s term as President of the United States, political harmony had disappeared as divisions deepened on virtually every significant issue of foreign and domestic policy.truefalseQuestion8 ?of?50Originally written by the Continental Congress in 1776 and ratified by the colonies in 1781, _______ preceded the United States Constitution as a document that united the colonies under a set of laws as an independent nation.the Articles of Confederationthe Bill of Rightsthe Constitutional Assemblythe Declaration of IndependenceQuestion9 ?of?50Which of the following was a characteristic of the work and belief system of artisans in the early eighteenth century?Work patterns were regular.Artisans took little pride in their crafts.Artisans saw economic independence as unimportant.Artisans utilized a three-step program through which individuals moved being an apprentice to being a master in a craft.Question10 ?of?50Which of the following was NOT a feature of the structure of colonial governments?The governor represented the monarchy as the king’s agent in the colony.The elected assembly provided a democratic element to the colonial governments.All laws were required to be sent to England for the approval of the king’s privy council.All free male citizens could vote or hold office.Question11 ?of?50The Salem witch hunt began wit


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