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(answered) – 1 of 30 _____ achieved Italian unification. Giovanni


(answered) – 1 of 30 _____ achieved Italian unification. GiovanniDescriptionSolution downloadThe QuestionI was wondering if someone can help with this assignment1 of 30_____ achieved Italian unification.Giovanni PiedmontCamillo CavourGiuseppe GaribaldiGiuseppe MazziniQuestion2 of 30The Treaty of Kuchuk Kainarji did all of the following EXCEPTgive Crimea its independence.give Russia access to the Black Sea.give Russia control over Poland.give Russia free access to the Bosphorus.Question3 of 30What event showed European nations that they need stronger armed forces?The War of Austrian SuccessionThe War of 1812The Seven Years’ WarThe American RevolutionQuestion4 of 30Who edited the Encyclopedia?MontesquieuLockeDiderotVoltaireQuestion5 of 30William Gladstone did all of the following EXCEPT ______.abolish the purchase of officers commissionsgrant full political rights to Catholics in Britainintroduce the secret ballotinstitute competitive exams in order to get into the civil serviceQuestion6 of 30_____was the first European nation to admit women into universities.EnglandBelgiumFranceItalyQuestion7 of 30A former slave, ____ began the move towards Haitian independence.CastelreaghSimon BolivarToussaint L’OuvertureLafayetteQuestion8 of 30_____ wrote Principia Mathematica.GalileoBaconNewtonBraheQuestion9 of 30Nineteenth-century liberals favored all of the following EXCEPT _____.legal equalityfreedom of the presseconomic equalityreligious tolerationQuestion10 of 30According to the textbook, the most important political development in Europebetween 1848 and 1914 was the _____.unification of Germanyunification of ItalyCrimean WarFranco-Prussian WarQuestion11 of 30Laissez-faire is a policy whereby the government _____.plays a limited role in the economyplays no role in the economypractices extreme mercantilismpractices extreme imperialismQuestion12 of 30Napoleon’s policy of cutting off British trade from the rest of Europe is known as the_____.AssignatThermidorian ReactionCode NapoleonContinental SystemQuestion13 of 30The sun exists at the center of the universe according to the _____ system.BraheanNewtonianCopernicanPtolemaicQuestion14 of 30Rio de la Plata is known as _____ today.ArgentinaBoliviaColumbiaChileQuestion15 of 30The Crimean War began because of a rivalry between _____.Russia and UkraineRussia and the Ottoman EmpireFrance and the Ottoman EmpireUkraine and BritainQuestion16 of 30All of the following EXCEPT _____ resulted from the Congress of Vienna.Austria gaining control of Northern ItalyGermany receiving control over PrussiaNo single nation being allowed to dominate EuropeThe establishment of the Kingdom of the NetherlandsQuestion17 of 30The first large European working class political movement occurred in Britain andwas known as _____.liberalismthe Great Reformthe Catholic emancipationChartismQuestion18 of 30During the French Revolution, this radical republican group wanted an unregulatedeconomy and representative government.Sans-culottesAssignatsGirondistsJacobinsQuestion19 of 30_____ is considered the Father of Empiricism.Frances BaconIsaac NewtonTycho BraheGalileo GalileiQuestion20 of 30The American Revolution ended with the defeat of Cornwallis at _____.Valley ForgeYorktownBunker HillBull RunQuestion21 of 30_____ wrote The Social Contract.Adam SmithJohn LockeJean-Jacques RousseauMontesquieuQuestion22 of 30__


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