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(answered) – 1) Many organizations have a wealth of information available to


(answered) – 1) Many organizations have a wealth of information available toDescriptionSolution downloadThe Question2 Discussion Questions. Each answer needs to be at least 100 words and all original work. Thank you.?(Please see attached)?1) Many organizations have a wealth of information available to assist employees in everyaspect of their jobs. Social Technologies have enabled all kinds of collaboration almost realtime and has in many cases reduced the need to many meetings, training costs and overallaccess to external data and information across industries.This could be especially beneficial for new employees as it seems rare there are dedicatedmentors to provide the one on one training. As a result of technology, companies havedeveloped intranets, portals, etc., as Knowledge Management Tools. A great example of thisis the Technical Support or help desks who can query databases and tickets to see if anissue has been reported, possible solutions, etc. The University of Phoenix have resourceslike the Center for Writing Excellence (CWE) where one can find APA manual, writingsamples, videos, etc. There is also Phoenix Connect, which allows one with additionalresources and the ability to ask questions.What are some social media/technologies available for Knowledge Management resourcesyou have in current and/or past organizations, schools, universities? Name specifics suchas SharePoint, Phoenix Connect, Portals, etc.2) Read the article on Respect for persons, identity and Information Technology and thereference in this discussion. Answer and Discuss the following.Why must a person be knowledgeable of Respect and Moral Responsibility when it comes toInformation Technology? What moral responsibility does a company have when it comes toInformation Systems ?https://www.aitp.org/news/93013/How-Ethical-Theories-Apply-to-IT-Professionals.htmProvide specific examples to each of the questions and answer in a separate paragraph.