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(answered) – 1) Male 2) 22 Question 1: Are you male or female? Questin 2: How


(answered) – 1) Male 2) 22 Question 1: Are you male or female? Questin 2: HowDescriptionSolution downloadThe QuestionYour final written assignment of the course is a data assignment.? You are to use your knowledge of statistics, ingenuity and the data attached below to respond to the questions that you find in the attached excel spreadsheet.? (The data is contained in the spreadsheet.)Use the Spreadsheet attached to the question. I answered the very first two questions already.?1) Male2) 22Question 1: Are you male or female?Questin 2: How old are you?QuestionsQuestion 3: How many star bellied sneeches live in the woods?(1) Create a histogram that shows age (by class) on thex-axis for the participants who said yes to question 4.Question 4: Should the state EPA impose relgulations on fracking tosave the remaining wild sneeches living in the woods?(2) Repeat question 1 to for those who said, No to question 4(3) Create a pie chart for the anwer to question 4.Participant123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930313233343536373839404142434445464748495051525354555657585960616263646566676869707172737475Q1182161393221242457206235283533305859594848655261241869234066512732351861224070303359444129673476551827393545304535594362483220682120314541323020447147Q2MFMFFMFMMMFMMFMFMMMFFMMMFMFFFMMMFMMFMFMFMFMMMFMFMMFMFMFFMFMFMMMMMMMMMFMFMFFQ3121335540306021201325322546445034121361601222271132151314243150121721613372Q4YNYYYNYYNNNNNNNYNYYYYNYNNYNNYNYNNYNYNNNYNNNNYYNYNNNNNYNNYNYNNYNYNYNNYNNYYYN(4) It is believed that women are more likely to say yes toquestion 4 than men. Determine if this is true.(5) Determine if the age of the individual surveyed and his/heranswer to question 3 are correlated. Support your answerwith some kind of statistical argument.(6) Find the 95% confidence interval for the mean number ofsneeches that adults in the Commonwealth believe live inthe woods. Your answer should be good to 2 decimal places.(7) The Audubon Society claims that 58 percent of Pennsylvaniaresidents favor restrictions on fracking in the Commonwealthto prevent the extinction of our native sneeches. Perform ahypothesis test t determine of there is strong evidence thatthe Audubon Society’s claim is correct. Explain yourconclusion using supporting stastical reasononing based ontools and concepts studied in this course.587677


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