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(answered) – 1) Is the expression rational or irrational? A) 3 sqrt 2 B) 1/5 *


(answered) – 1) Is the expression rational or irrational? A) 3 sqrt 2 B) 1/5 *DescriptionSolution downloadThe Question1) Is the expression rational or irrational?A) 3 sqrt 2B) 1/5 * 4/32) Simplify the following to determine if the number is an integer:A)-20/4B) 4/203) What do these equal?? Type “u” if undefined.? (Follow this direction exactly.)A) (3-3) /3B) (1*5) /0Notes about the answer?format:Simplify all numbers.??If the answer is a fraction, write it in reduced form.? Do not use mixed numbers or decimals, for example 5/2, not 10/4, 2 1/2 nor 2.5.Write negative fractions with the negative in front, for example -1/5, not 1/-5 nor (-1)/5.Do not include unneeded parentheses.?No?spaces.4)Evaluate this expressionA) 4-9+5*|2-8|5)Evaluate this expression:a-b/(c-d)where a = – 4, b = 3, c = 2,?and d = 8.6)Which property is illustrated?(3-4)6 = 18-24Associativity of AdditionCommutativity of AdditionDistributive Property of Multiplication over AdditionAssociativity of Multiplication7)Which symbol makes this a true statement?-80? _____??-30=,>,9)What is the distance between these two points on the number line?1.2? and -2.6?Note about the answer:Give?the?answer?to?this?problem?as?a?decimal?number.10)?Simplify:-3^4