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(answered) – 1) identify a real world current event to which a


(answered) – 1) identify a real world current event to which aDescriptionSolution downloadThe Question1) identify a real world current event to which a method/procedure/model reviewed that week can be applied2) discuss the benefits, limitations and challenges associated with applying it, and?3) describe a minimum of one alternative method/procedure/model that could be used with the same event4) post a question to the classFor example:? Most people are familiar with the term ?correlation?.? Many use it whether or not they understand what the term means.? A much smaller portion of the public understands some of the concerns associated with correlation research.? Consider the case of umbrellas, windshield wipers, rain and extra terrestrials that illuminates one critical concern.? If a space traveler from another galaxy were sent on a mission to observe Earth and bring back correlation data, it/he/she might record the following:? ?Umbrellas and windshield wipers cause rain.?? Why would something so clearly incorrect be reported back to our guest?s home world?? The answer lies in one of the key problems associated with correlation research. One rarely finds umbrellas open or sees windshield wipers in operation unless it is raining; but correlation is not the same as causation.? Umbrellas and windshield wipers are associated with but are not the cause of rain. The above example is humorous but drawing incorrect conclusions can have serious consequences.? For this week?s discussion board you might ask, what real world event and public conclusions reached about it might exemplify a problem concerning the interpretation of correlations?? What are the benefits, limitations and challenges associated with applying correlation research when attempting to gather information about and gain insight into the event?? Which alternative method/procedure/model would likely yield more realistic and practical data??Each week you will access media reporting current events.? These events must be drawn from credible news outlets (e.g. cable news web pages, PBS.org, the Associated Press, online newspapers).? Articles selected must not be ones that slant information or advance agendas; no news source is completely neutral but some articles have a goal of influencing readers/viewers to adopt their particular points of view.? Using left-leaning or right-leaning or otherwise bias exhibiting articles as sources for your discussion board posts will result in zero points for the assignment.? The event you select must have occurred within the last year and be related to the week?s reading assignment.? The general discussion board assignment instructions, found on every board for your reference, must be followed to avoid point deductions.??NOTE:? As you read through the overview above it may initially appear that you are repeating the same assignment across the duration of the course.? The degree of diversity you experience while bringing your articles and ideas to the class discussion boards each week and engaging in dialog with your classmates will depend to a significant degree on how much you seek out diverse current events to which the week?s reading assignments can be related.???Weekly discussion board ?initial posts? (the ones you post in response to the topical instructions on the assigned week?s board) must be a minimum of?500?words long.? Additionally, each board requires replies to a minimum of 2 classmates? initial posts.? Replies must be?300?words each and add substantively to the continuing class dialog rather than merely agree with or reiterating points made by the classmate to whom one is responding.? To help everyone keep track of who is responding to whom,?each reply must begin with the classmate?s name.?


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