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(answered) – 1) Hanford is negligent and crashes his car into Bob’s car. Bob’s


(answered) – 1) Hanford is negligent and crashes his car into Bob’s car. Bob’sDescriptionSolution downloadThe Question1)?Hanford is negligent and crashes his car into Bob’s car. Bob’s car runs into an electrical wire pole, which falls. The power goes out for a couple of nearby neighborhoods for several hours. A resident, Peter, has no light in his house. He is walking around his house in the dark, steps on a small plastic toy belonging to his son, falls, and breaks his knee.Peter sues Hankford. Hankford’s best defense is that:a. the electrical power pole should not have fallen due to the impact from bob’s carb.Peter was contibutorily negligent in not cleaning up his son’s toysc. there is no proximate cause between Hankford’s actions and Peter’s injuryd. Peter was unjust in relying on Hankford’s driving ability, eventhough Hankford had the driving license required by the state.2?)On Monday, I tell my neighbor?s 19 year-old-son, Caesar, ?I?ll pay you $30 if you mow my lawn by Friday.? Caesar says nothing. Caesar mows my lawn on Thursday and wants his $30. Am I legally obligated to pay him?a.?No, because oral agreements involving dangerous machinery must be evidence by a writing in order to be enforceableb.?No, because the contract fails for indefinitenessc.Yes, because Caesar accepted my offer through his actions (i.e., by mowing my lawn)d.Yes, because the contract is executory3.?Jean and Frank Smith are general partners in XYZ Company. Jane buys a lot of ice, rents a helicopter, and drops the ice on XYZ?s roof, ruining the roof. Conveniently enough, the partnership had purchases a hail insurance policy before this incident. If XYZ company is unable to collect from the insurance company for this claim, it will most likely be becausea.?The policy covered hail damage; the damage to the roof was caused by ice cubesb.?Jane breached her fiduciary duty to the insurance companyc.?The court will pierce the corporate veild.?The company is in an area where there are water restrictions, and under environmental protection laws, Jane was being wasteful4.?Malcolm has brought a lawsuit against Will. Malcolm believes there is no genuine issue of material fact in dispute and that he is entitled to win this case as a matter of law. Assuming Malcolm is correct, which legal procedure would allow Malcolm to win this case as quickly as possible??a. Discoveryb. Voir Direc. In Personamd. In Reme. Jury Trialf. Summary Judgement5.?David works as an administrator and receptionist in Sprinkly?s Sprinkler Services. Sprinkly withholds federal taxes from David?s pay, and controls the methods and details of the performance of his work. David is not au?thorized to modify the prices or other terms of a sale at the store. Alicia installs Sprinkly?s Sprinkler Services products at the buyers? locations.Sprinkly hires Expert Sanitation Company to clean the store. Sprinkly gives Expert Sanitation instructions as to what needs to be cleaned and when and then lets Expert Santitation do whatever it does to accomplish the stated goals. Who are these people?a.?David is an employee. Expert Sanitation is an independent contractorb.?David is an employee. Alicia is an independent contractorc.?David is an independent contractor. Alicia is an employeed.David is a gratuitous agent. Alice is an explicit agent


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