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(answered) – 1) For many years, the Brazilian economy was plagued by


(answered) – 1) For many years, the Brazilian economy was plagued byDescriptionSolution downloadThe QuestionI have four topics with information provided, I just need someone to answer the questions that are attached to the topics. Pretty simple, 100% original work only. Thank you.1) For many years, the Brazilian economy was plagued by inflation, yet this is one of therichest countries in the World in terms of natural resources. This complex combination ofinflation and wealth of resources coined the phrase ?The Brazil Syndrome.?In recent year?s the Brazilian economy has stabilized, and Brazil has become one of themost influential economies in the World. It is now a member of the BRICS Nations,along with Russia, China, India and South Africa.How did Brazil achieve this turnaround? What has been the inflation rate in Brazilin recent years ? until the past 24 months? What is the inflation rate now?This is the World?s 7th largest economy.One measure of Brazil?s success it the appreciation of the Real vs. the US Dollar in thepast 10 years, until about two years ago.However, Brazil?s Economy has run into some problems in the last few years: 20132015.There were some protests in 2013, re Government policies in Brazil giving priority to thebuilding of sports venues for the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. In 2014, thereare demonstrations re Government involvement in the Petrobras? corruption scandal(Brazil?s largest oil company).There were also demonstrations in Aug., 2015, re the corruption and the economicslowdown.On Aug. 20, 2014, the Reals value was: $1.00 = 2.26 Real.Now the value of the Real has declined to: $1.00 = 4.02. (Feb. 18, 2016)You are welcome to comment about the improvement of the Brazilian Real vs. the USDollar over the past 10 years, as well as the decline during the past two years.What do you think about Brazil?s long term future? (Please note the attached CNNArticle.)Will it return to its years of high inflation rates in the 1990?s and prior years? Is this justa temporary ?hiccup??Should US based companies continue to expand in Brazil?BRAZIL – ECON DECLINING – FEB 19 – 2015 – CNN.docx2) China through foreign exchange controls has not allowed its citizens fullopportunities to invest in the stocks of foreign listed companies, incl. those companieslisted in foreign stock exchanges but operating in China.Therefore, the savings and investments of most Chinese has flowed into China?s realestate sector to the extent that now there is a ?glut? of finished or almost finishedapartment buildings that are remaining as empty shells.This could be a major financial and economic disaster for China, as the real estate sectorrepresents 15% of China?s economy. China?s economy grew 7.4% in 2014; this is theslowest in the past 24 years, where the annual growth rate has been at least around 10%.The growth rate for 2015 is officially around 7%; however, it may be closer to 3% – 4%.China’s economic growth is projected to be around 3% – 4% this year (2016) and in thenear future.Now real estate prices have declined in 69 out of 70 cities over the past year by anaverage of 5.1%.This overbuilding is compounded by China?s shadow banking; whereby the Chinese haveused non-traditional lenders or ?trusts? to channel their funds to the real estate sector.Kaisa Group Holdings (listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange) is the first Chinese realestate developer to default on off-shore debt. It could not make its Feb., 2015 interestpayment of $128 Million ? on $500 Million debt funded by foreign investors.This may not only impact the Chinese banks and investors directly, but also foreignlenders.Your comments are welcome regarding the risks in China?s real estate sector and China?seconomy as a whole. How does impact the economies of Ch


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