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(answered) – 1) Construct 95% confidence interval estimates to create a


(answered) – 1) Construct 95% confidence interval estimates to create aDescriptionSolution downloadThe Question1) Construct 95% confidence interval estimates to create a customer profile for each CardioGood Fitness treadmill product line. (There are multiple machines).2) Write a report to be presented to the management of CardioGood Fitness detailing your findings. (Make sure to show that your assumptions are met for each confidence interval and interpret each confidence interval.?Notes: Please use excel.Product Age Gender Education Marital Status Usage FitnessTM19518 Male14 Single34TM19519 Male15 Single23TM19519 Female14 Partnered43TM19519 Male12 Single33TM19520 Male13 Partnered42TM19520 Female14 Partnered33TM19521 Female14 Partnered33TM19521 Male13 Single33TM19521 Male15 Single54TM19521 Female15 Partnered23TM19522 Male14 Single33TM19522 Female14 Partnered32TM19522 Female16 Single43TM19522 Female14 Single33TM19523 Male16 Partnered31TM19523 Male16 Partnered33TM19523 Female14 Single23TM19523 Male16 Partnered43TM19523 Female16 Single43TM19523 Female15 Partnered22TM19523 Male14 Single43TM19523 Male16 Single43TM19524 Female16 Single43TM19524 Female16 Partnered55TM19524 Male14 Single23TM19524 Male13 Partnered32TM19524 Female16 Single43TM19525 Female14 Partnered33TM19525 Male14 Partnered23TM19525 Female14 Partnered22TM19525 Female14 Partnered33TM19525 Male16 Single34TM19525 Female16 Partnered22TM19525 Male16 Single33TM19526 Female14 Partnered34TM19526 Female16 Partnered43TM19526 Male16 Partnered22TM19526 Male16 Partnered33TM19526 Female16 Single33TM19526 Male16 Partnered44TM19526 Male16 Single33TM19527 Female14 Partnered32TM19527 Male16 Single43TM19527 Female14 Partnered23TM19528 Female14 Partnered23TM19528 Female16 Partnered23TM19528 Male14 Single33TM19528 Female14 Partnered33TM19528 Male14 Single43TM19528 Female16 Partnered33TM19529 Male18 Partnered33TM19529 Female14 Partnered22TM19529 Female16 Partnered43TM19530 Male14 Partnered44TM19530 Male14 Single33TM19531 Male14 Partnered22TM19531 Female14 Single22TM19532 Female14 Single34TM19532 Male14 Partnered43TM19533 Female16 Single22TM19533 Female16 Partnered33TM19534 Male16 Single45TM19534 Female16 Single22TM19535 Male16 Partnered43TM19535 Female16 Partnered33TM19535 Female18 Single33TM19536 Male12 Single43TM19537 Female16 Partnered33TM19538 Male16 Partnered33TM19538 Female14 Partnered23TM19538 Male14 Single23TM19538 Male16 Partnered33TM19539 Male16 Partnered44TM19540 Male16 Partnered33TM19541 Male


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